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1           DEFINITIONS

1.1        “Competition” means the Norway Expert competition outlined in clause 4;
1.2        “Competition Period” means from 17 January CET 00:05 to 30 April 2018 CET 23:55.
1.3        “Organizer” means Innovation Norway (organization number 986 399 445), Akersgata 13, 0158 Oslo, Norway acting through its branch office established in the Territory where the Participant resides;
1.4        “Participant” means a participant fulfilling the requirements set out in clause 3;
1.5        “Prize” means one of the prizes outlined in clause 5;
1.6        “Privacy Policy” means the Organizer’s privacy policy regulating the processing of personal data in relation to the Competition;
1.7        “Territory” means Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, UK, USA and Russia.
1.8        “Ts&Cs” means the competition terms and conditions set out in this document; and
1.9        “Winner” means a Participant winning a Prize.

2           GENERAL

2.1        The Competition is organized by the Organizer.
2.2        By entering the Competition the Participants agree to be legally bound by these Ts&Cs.


3.1        Participants must:
3.1.1     be at least 18 years of age at the date of entry;
3.1.2     be a legal resident of the Territory;
3.1.3     be employed by a travel agency or a tour operator;
3.1.4     ensure that their participation in the Competition does not breach their obligations towards their employers or applicable laws;
3.1.5    register an account and pass the master test on the Norway Expert website
3.1.6     provide true and complete information when registering for the Competition pursuant to clause 3.1.5;
3.1.7     accept and comply with these Ts&Cs; and
3.1.8     not be an employee of the Organizer or a family member of such an employee.
3.2        It is the responsibility of the Participants to ensure they meet all requirements set out in clause 3.1. The Organizer reserves the right to verify the eligibility of any of the Participants by requesting documents proving that the Participants comply with the requirements.
3.3        If a Participant does not meet all requirements set out in clause 3.1, the Participant’s submission will not be considered and they will be excluded from winning a Prize in the Competition.
3.4        Obtaining time off work to participate in the Competition and/or take a Prize will be the sole and absolute responsibility of each Participant.
3.5        There is no purchase requirement to participate in the Competition.
3.6        The Organizer will only send marketing communications to Participants which have provided their prior consent (i.e. “opt in”).

4           COMPETITION

4.1        General

4.1.1     The Competition consists of Norway Expert Master Test (cf. Clause 4.2)

4.2        Norway Expert Master Test

4.2.1     The Norway Expert Master Test will take place from 17 Jan 2018 CET to 1 May 2018 CET.
4.2.2     In the Norway Expert Master Test the Participants must complete test with questions regarding Norway. The answers can be found in an e-learning course consisting of 14 different modules which is available on the Norway Expert website. It is voluntary for the Participants to complete the e-learning course.

4.2.3    All Participants that have answered 80% of the questions correctly, will be included in a prize draw to win a familiarisation trip to Norway (see prize details in clause 5) and:

4.2.4  receive a diploma.

4.2.5  The draw will be conducted by a software application randomly selecting the Winners.

5           PRIZE DETAILS

5.1       Familiarisation trip to Norway

5.1.1     Number of prizes: 24 (3 for each of the 8 Territories comprised by the Competition)
5.2     Value: Approximately NOK 10 000 including VAT
5.2.1     Description: The familiarisation trip to Norway will take place mid-September 2018 and will have the following programme:
5.2.2 Day 1: Departure from home town and arrival to Stavanger city. Check in to a hotel near to the city center. Presentation of the Stavanger region and dinner.
5.2.3 Day 2: Excursions in the Stavanger area including lunch and dinner event.
5.2.4 Day 3: After breakfast a guided tour in Stavanger and departure to home town.
5.3     Other: For the avoidance of doubt, the Prize does not include:
5.3.1  out-of-pocket expenses, minibar items, telephone calls or any extras not included in the Prize specification;
5.3.2  transport from (i) the Winner's city of residence to an airport within the Territory as chosen by the Organizer and (ii) back to the winner's city of residence from such airport; and
5.3.3  necessary travel insurance


6.1       The Winners will be notified by email or telephone within 8 days after the last day of the Competition Period.
6.2       In the event that a Winner:
6.2.1    does not accept the Prize within five days from the notification;
6.2.2    rejects the Prize;
6.2.3    cannot prove that it complies with the participation requirements set out in these Ts&Cs;
6.2.4    refuses to comply with regulatory requirements in the Territory relating to the Competition and/or awarding of the Prize; or
6.2.5    cannot provide proof of identity reasonably acceptable to the Organizer;
the Winner will lose its right to win the Prize and the Organizer may offer the Prize to another Participant.
6.3       Prizes may under no circumstances be exchanged, altered or compensated.
6.4       Any tax payable as a result of a Prize being awarded or received will be the responsibility of the Winners. The Winners should seek independent financial advice prior to accepting a Prize if this is a concern.
6.5       The Organizer has the right to publicise, broadcast and communicate to the public the names, home towns of the Winners. The Winners agree to take part in all reasonable Competition related publicity (such as interviews and photography) surrounding the winning of the Prize.


7.1       The personal data provided by the Participants will be processed by the Organizer as set out in the Privacy Policy.

8           LIABILITY

8.1       To the fullest extent permitted by law, the organizer hereby exclude and shall not have any liability to any Participant or Winner in connection with or arising out of the Competition howsoever caused, including for any costs, expenses, forfeited Prizes, damages and other liabilities.
8.2        The Organizer is not responsible for submissions that are incomplete, confusing or do not reach their destination due to any technical or human error, including, among other things, any kind of malfunctioning electronic devices.
8.3        The Organizer makes no representation or warranty in relation to Prizes provided and to the fullest extent permitted by law the Organizer shall have no liability to the Winners in relation to any Prize, its fitness for purposes, merchantability or otherwise.
8.4        The Participants shall indemnify and hold the Organizer harmless against any claims, actions, demands and procedures, including those issued by third parties, against any damages, losses, costs, expenses, fees, penalties and responsibilities (including but not limited to attorneys' and solicitors' costs and fees) that occur during the Competition as a result of any of the Participant’s breach of these Ts&Cs.
8.5         In the event that any provision of these Ts&Cs is held to be illegal, invalid, void or otherwise unenforceable, it shall be severed from the remaining provisions which shall continue in full force and effect.


9.1        If for any reason the Competition is not capable of running as planned as a result of any (including but not limited to) technical failures, unauthorised intervention, computer virus, mobile network failure, tampering, fraud or any other causes beyond the Organizer’s control which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Competition, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Competition and/or to disqualify any Participant who (whether directly or indirectly) causes (or has caused) the problem.
9.2        The Organizer may vary the Ts&Cs or terminate the Competition at any time at its absolute discretion without liability to any Participant or other person. The Organizer will not award a Prize if the Competition is terminated.


10.1       Unless mandatory legislation in the Participant’s Territory dictates otherwise, the Participant and the Organizer agree that:
10.1.1    these Ts&Cs are governed by Norwegian laws; and
10.1.2    the district court in Oslo shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the TS&Cs and/or the Competition.


11.1       All questions regarding the Competition may be directed at the Organizer by:
11.1.1    writing to: Innovasjon Norge, Att: Sandra Olsson, P.O. Box 448 Sentrum, 0104 Oslo, Norway;
11.1.2    calling: + 47 22 00 25 00 (ask for Sandra Olsson); or
11.1.3    sending an email to: (write “To Sandra Olsson” in the subject field).

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